Professor M. McGonagall (dpty_head) wrote in allshallfade,
Professor M. McGonagall

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And all responsibility seems lost.


These journals were not given for the soul recreational pleasure of playing with him as your whim directs! If I still had authority over you lot (which I regretfully do not), points would be removed for the simple idiocy with which you have been treating this entire endeavour.

First of all, in case you had not forgotten, these journals were created for communication, and took a great deal of time to charm, so if you would please not be so careless, it would be highly appreciated.

Second of all, information spoken of in here must be kept under guarded lock and key. Many of you know of what I speak, but for the rest, please ignore this (and expect an owl in the morning).

Third of all, if I see any more of this ridiculous behaviour, be certain that consequences will be felt.

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