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All Shall Fade:

A First War RPG

All Shall Fade: A First War RPG
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The Mailing List

It's 1979. In a time of uncertainty, communication is a must between all groups, and on all sides. Thus is the premise for All Shall Fade, a Marauders-Era RPG covering the heart of the First War against Voldemort.

Charmed, linked journals were originally handed out to members of the Order of the Phoenix as a method of keeping track of their members, but the idea was copied by select members of the Death Eaters, when two Order members were killed, and the journals discovered.

Now, as the times grow darker, nearly every magical (and, in some cases, non-magical) citizen has been assigned a journal to keep, and we are able to watch as hope falters, and everything known and certain are lost to mere memories.


All Shall Fade operates as such:

We follow real time (ie, if it's May 6th on your calendar, it is May 6th in the game). The year, however, isn't the same. It's 1979, and the Marauders have graduated in June of 1978. The Order has been formed, the members (as dictated in the character list) have already joined, and certain people are going through their Auror training. They know what's happening, and they're here to fight against it.

James and Lily are engaged. Sirius and Remus are living in a flat in London. True backstories and fillers have yet to be dictated.

The game is formated as such:

__dailyprophet - The Daily Prophet (make sure to friend)
in_secret - The Order of the Phoenix
in_death - The Death Eaters

Each member has exclusive access to one of the groups (and sometimes all three, should they be a spy), where they are able to post information that would be worthy to their side's cause. Their own personal journals are simply that -- personal. Any character can comment on the entries made within, but keep these comments in character, and the journal entries in first person.

The Order of the Phoenix fights for the good side. At this time, the Order is simply a fledgling organization, and most of its members are newly trained Aurors, straight out of Hogwarts (with a few noteworthy exceptions). There is one spy for the dark side.

The Death Eaters are Voldemort's possy, of course. Whilst not all of them have journals (as that is far too risky), their more prominent members do. A couple of the Death Eaters are still in Hogwarts (seventh years, respectively), and one is a spy for the light side.


Rules are simple, and if you follow them, the game will run smoothly. (These rules are also subject to be changed/modified, and will be, once the site is up.)

01. You must have read Order of the Phoenix to be allowed in. This RPG will give away numerous spoilers from book five, and it isn't fair to you, if you have not read it.

02. Canon is the game. Events such as engagements, weddings, deaths, births, and recruitments are all going to be accounted for, and there are many of these. You are not allowed to stray off the beaten canon path. Nothing blatantly OOC.

03. Slash is permitted, but het is also appreciated. Some characters are straight, and you will have to cope. James, Lily, Bellatrix, Rodolphus, Alice, Frank, Lucius, and Narcissa are a few of them. Every character can not be gay. It is not realistic. And since this is the seventies/eighties, please remember that advertising your less-than-mainstream sexuality will most likely get you a good insult or twelve.

04. Journals, comments, posts, EVERYTHING is in first person, and in character. No out of character (OOC) comments are allowed of ANY KIND, even when hidden in brackets or parenthesis. This distracts from the game. If you have something to tell the other player, use another method of communication, NOT the RPG. Also, no OOC disclaimers in the biographies, and make sure that you have a biography, and that isn't a mere outline of facts. Something interesting to read is best.

05. The mailing list is for means of OOC plot discussion and anything relating to the RPG. No LJ community will be used to house OOC comments, so use the mailing list or we will not be happy. Communication is a must!

06. Most personal roleplaying will occur in IMs over Y!M, AIM, MSN, et cetera, and they can be posted for other members to see within the mailing list only. Anything posted in the journals must be deleted.

07. Remember that these are journals, ergo, your characters are using quills and ink to write. THERE WERE NO TRUE PERSONAL COMPUTERS, INTERNET, AND ESPECIALLY NO LIVEJOURNALS IN 1979!

08. Britpick like your life depends on it, but don't go overboard, for even the most British individual does not use stereotypical phrases day after day. Judge accordingly. Also, make sure that you remember this is 1979, and make proper adjustments in the current events to fit this.

09. We're going to operate in the format of nocturne_alley. Basically, this means that there will be no privates of any kind in any of the posts or replies. The purpose of these journals is to know what's going on, not to hide secrets. Owls and documents can still be linked within the journals, however.

10. The most important thing, of course, is to have fun. It would be lame and uncool not to. :D

A Basic Disclaimer:

The issues within this RPG will most likely include many adult themes. The environment in which these characters are living is a war zone. There are deaths, and these deaths are more than likely very unpretty. It would be appreciated if the applicants are at least fifteen, though anyone younger is more than welcome to apply (no one younger than thirteen, however, will be allowed).

The Harry Potter insignia is copyrighted to Warner Bros., JK Rowling, and subsequent publishers. No copyright infringment is intended, and no profit is being made off of this game.


If you have an interest in joining, please send an e-mail to hopeshallfail @ yahoo.co.uk with a your name and e-mail/IM contacts, a short biography of your character, and a sample journal entry. We'll get back to you shortly with the answer. (Please take note that if you are accepted, we'll be coming up with backhistory that might conflict with what you write in your application. The application is simply for seeing your skills.)

Some characters are involved in shady dealings, some are questioning their loyalty, some are questioning other character's loyalties, and some are spies.

Dumbledore and McGonagall will be played by mods. Voldemort is an NPC, and will have no username.

OP - Order of the Phoenix member
DE - Death Eater
M - Ministry Worker
P - Pureblood
S - Spy (light/dark will be specified)
Q - Questionable loyalty

** - Will disappear during the course of the RPG (If you chose a character with this designation, you may automatically claim another, with permission first.)

The Good:

Dedalus Diggle (OP/P/M)
Elphias Doge (OP/P/M)
Sturgis Podmore (OP/P/M)
James Potter (OP/P/M)
Emmeline Vance (OP/P/M)
Arthur Weasley (P/M)
Molly Weasley (P)
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody (OP/P/M)
Sirius Black (OP/P)
**Caradoc Dearborn (OP/P/M)
**Marlene McKinnon (OP/P/M)
Lily Evans (OP)
Alice Longbottom (OP/P/M)
Frank Longbottom (OP/P/M)
Remus Lupin (OP/P)
Amos Diggory (P/M)
Ludo Bagman (P/Q)
Gideon Prewett (P/OP/M)
Fabian Prewett (P/OP/M)

The Bad:

Lucius Malfoy (DE/M/P)
Narcissa Malfoy (P)
Regulus Black (Slytherin, 7th Year) (DE/P)
Barty Crouch, Jr. (Ravenclaw, 7th Year) (DE/P)
Igor Karkaroff (DE/P)
Bellatrix Black-Lestrange (DE/P)
Rodolphus Lestrange (DE/P)
Rabastan Lestrange (DE/P)
Walden Macnair (DE/P/M)
Mulciber (DE/P)
Nott (DE/P)
Augustus Rookwood (DE/P/M)
Evan Rosier (DE/P)
Travers (DE/P)
Wilkes (DE/P)
Crabbe, Sr. (DE/P/M)
Goyle, Sr. (DE/P/M)
Avery (DE/P/M)

The Tricky Ones:

Peter Pettigrew (OP/DE/M/P/S - dark side)
Severus Snape (OP/DE/P/S - light side)

The Deceased - SO DON'T APPLY, silly (OotP Members):

Benjy Fenwick
Edgar Bones

More characters may be added if there is a need to.